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AllClear Travel insurance

AllClear Travel Insurance was designed to offer complete peace of mind for the holidaymaker irrespective of age or medical condition. Whilst the brand has now become synonymous with insurance for the elderly, the disabled or for those with severe medical conditions, AllClear also provides traditional holiday insurance cover for everyone.

Our philosophy is based on a belief that planning holidays for those who are elderly or ill is stressful enough without the additional worry of trying to find insurance. We take the view that insurance and peace of mind, is not for the elite, it should be for everybody.

The number of people continuing to experience difficulties with their insurance remains worryingly high. Many households are faced with increased insurance bills and higher excesses, not to mention a bewildering choice of products.

AllClear Home Insurance is designed to offer highly competitive premiums, whilst offering a product that is flexible, allowing you to select the amount of cover you need.

"My claim was handled in such a timely manner. Nobody wants to have an accident whilst on holiday and have to go through all the worry and inconvenience of arranging the right treatment, paying the medical bills and, of course, getting home. But if you do find yourself in that situation, I sincerely hope you are able to deal with a company like AllClear."
Mrs J.Hanover

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